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BioPet Laboratories is an animal genetics company with a passion for pets – dogs in particular! Our main products, PooPrints and the BioPet LifePlan, focus on the health benefits of dogs, owners and communities. Our goal is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by encouraging responsible pet ownership. This is the key to expanding pet access across the globe.

PooPrints is the leading DNA Dog Waste Management service in the multifamily industry. Using DNA-analysis to combat unscooped dog waste, communities decrease the amount of unscooped waste and ensure safe, sanitary grounds for their residents! The 3,300 communities we partner with see cleaner environments, an increase in responsible pet ownership, and an overall increase in resident satisfaction.

Our newest product not only benefits the community as a whole but adds value to the individual. The BioPet LifePlan helps owners take pet health to a whole new level. They are able to manage their pets wellness through an interactive dashboard that identifies specific health concerns, creates health and maintenance plans, and offers nutrition advice. We even offer a breed testing component and DNA health screening!